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Internacional seminar at UNED for migrant minors analysis

Sessions will be published in a scientific journal.

The so called “III International seminar on research, social policies and action with migrant minors in Melilla, Europe and the United States” started with a conference by Manuel Díaz Martínez, Professor of Procedural Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the UNED, who deals with procedural treatment of the minor offender. He stressed that in our country “It is not a matter of applying a punishment to a child, but of finding out the social and family circumstances that may have led him to commit such violation, in order to propose the action that best suits to his educational need”.

The expert pointed out that in Spain there is a specific process for minors, very different from that of adults, in which everything revolves around the interest of the child. He insists that the target is the re-education of the child. Díaz Martínez commented that law is equally applied to foreign and national minors. “But it is not as you may think. Not every unaccompanied foreign minor is a criminal. Numbers are not significant enough to point at these young children as the ones who break the law or commit crimes”.

Also, the Minister of Social Welfare, Daniel Ventura, explained that the seminar was a piece in the creation of a future center for research on unaccompanied foreign minors and the phenomenon of their migration.

As explained by Ventura, all the presentations will be collected in a scientific journal at the universities disposal, to ensure having first-hand information and not news or data of some entities´ interest only.

Ventura recalls that the mission of these talks is to understand and analyze the reasons that force these young people out of their countries, and how to achieve in Melilla better assistance for this group, sometimes "victims” of their own families, who encourage them to leave their country and who do not comply with the obligation to protect them.

Sessions will continue tomorrow including a visit to a center for minors at 11:30 a.m.
and a talk at the UNED at 5:00 p.m. on the innovative processes that are being applied
in Italy nowadays.

By DN 25/04/2018
Source: Elfaro

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