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European Research Centre in Policies and Action por migrant minors

The Autonomous City will launch a European center for research and action with migrant children. It will be chaired by Sagrario Segado, professor of Psychology and Social Work at the UNED, and coordinated by two professors from the University of Bergen and University of Palermo. With a budget of 35,000 euros this year, the mission of the center is to do research and to expose the city to the rest of the European Union in terms of migration.

As explained by its director, the aim is to be connected to the Mediterranean countries that suffer from the same problem, to exchange experiences and find out whether their policies are effective in order to be implemented in Melilla.

As further honorary president of the center, Daniel Ventura has detailed that the center will conduct research, reporting and good practice on migrant children. The creation of international teams for interdisciplinary research, to establish solid relationships with administrations and entities related to these minors, or the finding of regulation frameworks in this area, are among the specific objectives of the center.

It will hold the III International Seminar on unaccompanied foreign minors from April 25 to 27. Attendance of university professors from Norway, Italy, the United States and Spain has already been confirmed. Sagrario Segado makes it clear that the role of the center is to do research and scientific practice, and highlights the professional profile of the people who will lead it.

Source: Popular TV Melilla

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