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The European Research Center in Policies and Action on Minors and Migration (ERCPAMM / CEIPAMM) is an academic center formed by social scientists from various continents who have come together with the intention to progress in scientific knowledge, intervention practices, and the policies that affect migrant children accompanied and unaccompanied.
This Center was founded in December 2017 its origins being based on two facts: the peculiar socio-political location of the city of Melilla, which is one of the main known routes of entry of migrant minors, and the International Seminars on unaccompanied foreign minors that have been held at the UNED in Melilla since 2015. The CEIPAMM receives support from the Autonomous City of Melilla, basically from the Ministry of Social Welfare and the UNED of Melilla.
Most of the 16 countries represented are European along with American and North American countries. The target is to work on connecting the southernmost border of Europe with the rest of the continent to deepen in all kind of social and political issues related to these minors;  work to achieve a national and European common criteria of reception and intervention with these minors.
Among other activities, the Center will organize semi-annual and annual meetings of experts on the subject, creating spaces for the exchange, progress, learning and improvement. The Center has strong links with important national and international associations that work on these topics.


III International Seminar on Research, Social Policies and Action with migrant minors in Melilla, Europe and the United States.


en Bergen Exchanges, del 20 al 24 de agosto

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Del 20 al 24 de Agosto se celebra en Noruega la semana de la investigación en la Universidad de Bergen, titulada “Bergen Exchanges”. Este año estará centrada en los derechos del niño. Las jornadas están organizadas por la Universidad de Bergen, el Center on Law and Social Transformation y el Center for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, este último dirigido por la profesora Marit Skivenes.  Las investigadoras principales del CEIPAMM intervendrán en dichas jornadas como se puede ver en el programa adjunto. Esperamos que podáis venir.


en Bergen Exchanges on August 20th-24th

logo law and social transformation

The Bergen Exchanges on Law & Social Transformation is a meeting place for scholars and practitioners who seek to understand how law serves as an instrument of change and how it shapes, and is shaped, by power relations. Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism whose IP is Marit Skivenes is co-organizer of the event and responsible for the track on Rights of the Child. The principal investigators of the ERCPAMM will be there.
Please find attached a folder with information about the most interesting program on children’s rights and the PhD-course held in conjunction with the conference.We hope you can join us.

In our center we create and disseminate knowledge for a world in continuous evolution


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